Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Need Steel? Osorio's Iron and Metal,Chicago,IL.= Service with a Smile!

Square Steel Tubing @ 1.5" Square @ OSORIO'S IRON WORKS,CHICAGO,IL.
Shopping for Steel can sometimes be a Pain-In-The-Ass.
It's certainly a "Commodity" item. 
Not that Brand "A" is any better or worse than Brand "B".
Steel is Steel.
Yet- if a small fabricator or individual's looking to buy- one length of this, and another length of that- cut in half please (to fit in my Van) - the "rolled eyes" look is certain to appear from the often crabby Steel Man.
Au Contraire- Mon Fraire
......certainly NOT the case @ Osorio's Iron and Metal in Chicago.
When you walk in the door - you are greeted w/a friendly "Hola" by either Jazmina, Angelica,
or Oscar. If they don't have what you are looking for- they will gladly help to source if for you.
For example- Cold Rolled Steel- also called 1018- isn't an off-the-shelf item.
No Problemo.
Jazmina will make a call to her supplier- and be able to provide the material for you w/in a day or so. Same thing for Stainless Steel.

They primarily support the Ornamental Fence Industry- all the small shops in town that make gates,railings and other "wrought iron" that you commonly see- but never pay attention to.
BUT- they are also "used to" Artists, Furniture Designers, and others who aren't pulling up in a PickUp Truck ready to load a 20 foot long piece of Steel.

Osorio's is a recommended Vendor-  as well as someone I "like" to do business with (&you will 2 !)
Bandsaw they use to cut 20 foot lengths to fit in your Vehicle @ OSORIO's 

Osorio Iron & Metal
4515 W. Thomas
Chicago,IL. 60651


Hard to "find"- Easy to work with!

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