Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Black Oxide Finish on Cold Rolled Steel = H O T !

A GREAT look for finished Steel Furniture and Interior Elements 
that's been around for Nuts & Bolts,
Guns and other tools forever, is one that I recently explored for 
The Fine Custom Furniture,Interior Elements and Lighting that I Design and Fabricate.
Black Oxide- Cold Dipped- by Expert Metal Finishing, River Forest,IL.
The finish almost looks like an Oxidized Bronze !

Adding a "grain" or texture w/ a Heavy Duty ScotchBrite made all the difference!
Rich warm yummy dark brown/black color- enhanced by graining w/ a ScotchBright
The Company that I resourced is in an area of the Western Suburbs of Chicago- just off of North Avenue- between 1st Ave. and 15th Ave.
The Industrial Park area is "technically" River Forest- but has about as much in common w/ River Forest as Cicero does w/Chicago.
Expert Metal Finishing is run by Gus Garza and his Partner from Poland-Jerzy Kozik.
They do have a "lot" charge- which is more than I'd like it to be- but- comparing the time and labor and chemical requirements to do the job in-house, it certainly is a worthwhile Finishing Option for Steel.
The only downside is that they "automatically" want to oil the part you bring- after being oxidized- so it won't rust. I had wanted to either clear coat w/ a Matt Clear PowderCoat-
or use a Hot Wax hand rubbed finish- which must be maintained over time. Getting them- to "understand" this- and to execute- was 50/50.

One of the challenges I face in interfacing w/ Industrial Materials and Processes is that often- They will want to do something a certain way- because - "thats-the-way-we-allways-do-it"
which I find- not always what I want.
And- since I'm paying for the work to be done- shouldn't I be able to get my metal left WITHOUT OIL?
I think so.........
Anyway- if you are looking to get a  warm rich finish on Steel- try:

Expert Metal Finishing

2120 N. West Street
River Grove, IL 60171

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