Sunday, August 9, 2015

ReBuilding Exchange : a sustainable & educational Resource

Chicago has long been a great source for finding discarded building parts, given it's rich and varied Architectural heritage. 
Sadly- in today's Home Depot world, many of the great sources for rehabbers and remodelers have disappeared.
I used to find amazing Architectural Artifacts (Fireplace Mantels, Old TIles, Grates and Grills, etc. for sale at the "original" Maxwell Street Flea Market (the "new one" sucks for finding any such objects ) 
A store that was (I say "was" in the past tense - because IMHO - the store has sadly lost it's way...) Salvage One - used to carry many rebuilding finds and treasures - patiently waiting to be rePurposed
On the 3600 block of N. Southport, in Chicago, a small neighborhood storefront sold great -mostly wood Salvaged Parts for rehabbers. It's now a multi-unit Condo Building.
Jan's Antiques- a great resource that I've bought lots of Salvaged Painted Wood for Mirror Frames over the years ( in several locations) is now been relocated to a smaller space in Evanston.

An impromptu street spot on the 300 S. Sacramento Boulevard once randomly displayed "picks" that scrappers and salvage dogs had literally torn out of abandoned buildings on Chicago's Rough-and-Tough West Side- no longer around.

So it was with great pleasure that I stopped into the Rebuilding Exchange today and wanted to share what I discovered.

As you can see there are many "possibilities" here.....
some of the "raw materials"  are fairly priced-yet- 
I found other things, for example the Vintage Steel Storage Organizer(s) like the small dark gray one here- 
selling for prices equal to what you'd find at Architectural Artifacts Urban Remains- places that are known to Designers + Decorators + Architects for their UNcompetitively  priced "treasures"-they buy for pennies-on-the-dollar.

A cart-full of Amazing BURLAP COFFEE BEAN SACKS- waiting to be rePurposed!

Newel Posts? you're looking for Newel Posts are ya....?

Workshop that supports classes at The Rebuilding EXCHANGE
As you enter their extensive and multi-roomed warehouse you will discover a Rebuilding Workshop-available  for woodworking classes or other creative ways to incorporate salvaged materials into your next home improvement project.

Please visit this unique Chicago non-profit business and support their mission- to reuse and recycle-thereby creating not only a robust Green Economic business, but also creating jobs and keeping this material out of our already overcrowded landfills.

Rebuilding Exchange
1740 W. Webster Ave.
Chicago,IL. 60614

773. 252. 2234
Hours = Tues - Sunday @10-6pm