Sunday, November 28, 2010

NEW Postcard for Kramer Design Studio > Best of 2010

Designing anything for one's self is always a challenge.

Any idea, how "easy" it is to "please yourself" ? -
Not that way...... I mean to actually create a thing that you'll
be certain will satisfy all of your conditions/constraints!

Designing a new Postcard- for use in Promoting & Marketing my services is an excellent way to summarize the year - in the same fashion that magazines and other media will cull a listing
of the "Best Of_____".

So after a review of all of the items that I produced this past year (and documented properly!)
I came up with these 5 items (actually, 5 images, with 2 photos showing a Light AND a piece of Furniture, so actually 7 items! ).

Do the images properly reflect my full range of skills /abilities?
Do the images impart as much attention to detail as I give to my work?
To me, there's nothing worse, than an artist/designer presenting themselves to the world in an unprofessional manner.
I mean- what good is showing a dark photo, or an image of ones installation that was taken with a camera phone? What's the point?
So, what I'm trying to say- is that after many layouts and iterations of this card were created I settled on this layout.

I hope that it proves to be an effective NEW tool in my Marketing Arsenal.