Sunday, July 8, 2007

Recycled Wood

Did you ever notice the trees blown down from one of those violents,sudden microbursts- and wonder- gosh, wouldn't THAT make a wonderful something?

Well, so did Bruce Horigan, owner of Urban Forest Products, Inc.
They take the Chicago areas urban trees to their highest re-use possible,using this sustainable resource to create hardwood lumber for Furniture and Flooring.
Pretty cool, huh?
They carry all types of wood
from Ash,Adler, and Birch
all the way thru the alphabet to
Sycamore and Walnut.
Bruce is a certified Arborist- and is really passionate about wood.

Plus- he delivers (in the Chicagoland area)
So next time your neighbor decides its time to "whack" that gorgeous old tree in their backyard- call Bruce- 847.729.1023- and he'll make sure, either YOU or someone else will make something pretty out of it.
(Other than woodchips!)

OH YEAH- if you want to have a piece made using this wood, and don't have the resources to Build your own furniture- Bruce is happy to provide the contact info for woodworkers,cabinetmakers or Furniture Designers that support his business.

Horigan UFP,Inc.
36 Park Drive
bahorigan@sbcglobal (dot) net