Saturday, October 6, 2012

Custom Wire Bending in Chicago

Chicago is a great town in SO many ways & one of them is the network of Sources and Resources that exist here. One of those Sources is a company that is instrumental to the Display + Visual Merchandising Industry, a company that bends wire in very imaginative ways. Recently I was assigned to source out a company that can do wire-bending on a Production level, as well as assist to develop "sample(s)" or prototypes.

                                       Chicago Wire Design did not disappoint.
Worktable where all the "magic" occurs

Overview of Main Workroom with print of project in foreground

Bending a bracket that The Shop Foreman designed "on-the-fly"

Roberto has been working for many years at Chicago Wire and now runs the Company. He deals with all sorts of creative types- from designers to engineers.They can and do produce display racks, floral display armatures, lampshades, and a huge variety of wire bent items.

Chicago Wire Design
1750 N. Kimball Avenue


Design Guy said...

Fabulous work Mr. Kramer!
Steve Thompson
Cabana Home Stores of California
Santa Barbara, CA

Design Guy said...

Nice work Mr. Kramer. Couldn;t see where you were from on your website contact page and no way to send you an email so glad I found you on Blogger.
Love your work and clean design.
Good wishes for your continued success,
Steve Thompson
Cabana Home Stores of California
Santa Barbara, CA

Randall Kramer said...

Thanks Steve!
my email address is :

I LOVE Santa Barbara- the Highway that goes out of town- into The Sideways Vineyards/WineCountry-
I think its Hgwy 156? is one of THE PRETTIEST Drives
I've ever encountered- beautiful rolling mountains- routed with farms and huge ancient trees on one side- and the beautiful Pacific OCean on the other.

Thanks for commenting!
Happy 2013-NEW YEAR!
Randall KRAMER