Sunday, March 18, 2012

Steel & Wood : : WOOD + Steel

Often, "Studio Furniture" is produced in either Wood,
or in Steel. 
By Woodworkers...or Metalworkers.

Rarely do Makers have the ability or skill(s) to effectively combine both of these materials in one elegantly integrated design.
I believe that I have achieved this and wish to promote, that aspect of what I do.

Which led to the layout of these 2 postcard designs- not fully detailed- but effectively layed out to incorporate some of the image that I shot (and a few that David Ditzler shot for me!- Thanks DAVID!) 

Often, when designing a piece like this- it's best to consider the "Less-Is-More" philosophy. 
On the other hand, leaving out other examples of my being capable of integrating Wood & Steel in my Stair Railing Designs and in my Custom Lighting Design as well as other home furnishing would take away from knowing about the full-range of what I can offer to an Interior Designer, Architect or Home Owner.

So, having comped this card up- I feel that by showing my 2 new pieces (top and bottom of the card) and by inserting smaller shots of my Lighting and Furniture, I have been able to display the range of skills and services I can bring to the "table".

So, having comped this card up- I feel that by showing my 2 new pieces (top and bottom of the card) , I have been able to display the integration of different skills and services I can bring to the "table".

Designing an effective Mailer has to meet one main requirement : using a phrase that my friend Tom Job once coined...... "Cubicle Worthy"
That is, is the design and visual impact of the piece strong enough to not only be posted on the walls of a persons cubicle - but is that card also going to create a buzz, cause attention to be be drawn to it by various co-workers and colleagues stopping by the "intended target audiences" cubicle?

So, I ask you my lovely readers of this blog- which of these two different 5" by 7" postcard Mailers do you feel is "Cubicle Worthy" in their intended representation of my Wood and Steel abilities?

2 comments: said...

Randall, I like your sense of proportion and choice of materials.


Randall Kramer said...

Thanks Geoffrey,
Those are 2
very important "traits"/Characteristics
that to me-
really make a GOOD DESIGN-

Design is such a subjective endeavor-(insert- sigh!)
and can be-so personal- yet I feel-
that I can add value, through the selection & judicious (and APPROPRIATE) use of Materials, and how those Materials get treated in their Final Finish.
(insert-Oy-VEY here!)

Please send me an email- I'd like t chat w/ you regarding a similar mobile web-based platform idea
I've had/wanted to develop.
Warm Wishes for a
Happy 2013!