Saturday, October 7, 2017

Great Furniture Delivery Service- "J.C. Professional Delivery"

After spending many untold hours hand-crafting and carefully finishing each piece 
of my Custom-Designed-Furniture, the last thing I want, is a knucklehead-Gorilla....
Man-Handling my work, and not treating it with all the care, respect and LOVE 😍- 
that I put into each and every piece I make.

Often, if it's able to fit easily into a ZipVan - I can and will deliver things on my own.
But- when there's multiple items, to be picked up from a variety of WorkRooms
- or the Client's footing the Delivery Bill, I look to Professional White-Glove-Furniture Delivery Services.

In Chicago, and in Urban Areas with High-End-Interior Designers & Architects, there's a wide ranging selection that work in this realm.......from Nationwide Companies, like PLYCON (expensive- and I'm not so impressed when I've used them before...) 
to a well-known Chicago based company- called- 
"Affordable Moving"- that, well....ain't so affordable, + they've broken my 
items before-on Multiple occasions😡! 
to a Retired-Fireman + his Son + a truck get the picture.

This past week, I used a Company I now LOVE

My friend Andrew Mugnaini reccd these guys- 
he uses them a lot for Gary Lee's Furniture (which Andrew (ADM) Hand-Crafts expertly).

Not only were they in communication about their being late, 
Island Table-Base-in Steel-with brass finish

not only did they load my very large Steel Island Table Base and 
52" x 16" x 20" h. Steel+ Leather Bench(es) I expertly Hand-Crafted

(two) Leather + Steel benches so quickly, 
I couldn't believe it, 
they turned out to be the best pair of eyes at the next stop- 
a Quartz Stone Fabricator, who'd fabricated a 320-lb. black w/Gold-ish flecks 
Wislonart Table top- 96" x 42" with a 2" Edge.
I'd never seen the final product- 
as it was always upside down in the Stone Fabricators workroom.

Kris-"Marble Design"-owner, making adjustments to Quartz Top
Here's the TableTop Fabricator- Kris- fixing small imperfections that the main Delivery man spotted.
There was also a sort of haze- originally I thought it was dust- on the tables well as places that squeezed out epoxy used to glue the mitred edges- had not been scraped off carefully.
I'm not impressed by Marble Design's lack of attention to these details, and given it was my first time using his services-well.....we'll see, if there's a next time.

Wilsonart-Xcaret Q4006-Quartz-Table-Top - after a wax-on-and-a-buff-off.
Here's the Table Top, after a cleaning- a wax- and a buff-out.
Rather than standing around while Kris took care of making my expensive table Top- right-
they took off to Andrew-The-Woodworkers-Workroom, to pickup a several hundred pound Console table.
Awesome 12-ft.long-Wood-Console + Steel Modesty Panel

The 12-long Console Table was crafted to allow my expertly dimensioned 133.875" wide panel,
to PRECISELY inset-with no gaps, & no spaces.

138.125" by 33" Hot-Rolled Modesty Panel w/Bronze patina.
The laser-cut Hot-Rolled Steel panel I created (and finished) has a patinated bronze appearance.
really, looks RICH (if I don't say so myself!)
Off it all went- to a warehouse in Roselle,IL. for storage, until the Contractors are done building-out the Sales Office in The Vault of The Old Post Office that spans the Eisenhower Expwy.(I-290) coming into Chicago. Then my work will be on hand- for all who want to look into getting office space there....(unless- AMAZON moves in of course)

J.C.Professional Delivery @773.812.3186
So- for all of your Furniture Moving (they do Residential Moving too!) call John- at 773.812.3186-
and tell him Randall sent ya!

They are really- THAT GOOD!

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