Wednesday, February 22, 2017

McNichols : How-I-Was-Made-(W)HOLE) > a Revised Opinion

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I'd posted in January 2017,  about a truly unsettling Customer Service experience in dealing with an Industrial Supplier, that I've purchased from for many years.

In the course of a very short period of time, after my encounter with McNichols- I was pleasantly shocked and amazed to receive an email, and a follow-up phone call from
someone with the same last name-McNichols-
as the Company that I'd had the Customer Service issue (or failure thereof) with.
The dialog that followed, provided me an insight, into how the 3rd generation President-
Scott McNichols, truly cares, about each and every Customer's experience.

To start, I have to say- I've met & talked to many CEO's and President's of Corporations,
both big and small, in my lifetime- yet- my conversations with Scott McNichols truly created
a whole-'nother-level-of-respect for him as an Owner, and the Company he leads.

It's not often that when someone- anyone-
is wrong- that they'll listen - not argue, & they'll acknowledge the concerns
that made you feel aggrieved enough to contact a Customer Service Sales Manager,
and later create a blog post ,
without ever defending their Company (or making any excuses).
With Scott McNichols - the Buck-Does-Stop -   There.
He "owned" the issues that screwed up my order-
and went above and beyond to rectify the situation.

I could go on to describe in full detail, all the things that Scott said (and did) to fix the problem-
( I won't bore you with the details....)
to make me a HAPPY CUSTOMER-
who will forever speak about McNichols- as a Company that
truly- "gets it".

BTW- any doubts, about my encounter with Scott McNichols.... just read the comment he left on my blog-

Holenole said...
Mr. Kramer,

I am truly sorry for your experience and sincerely apologize that we did not meet your service expectations. We certainly do strive to serve each customer with everything we have and that clearly did not happen according to your personal testimony. We are celebrating our 65th anniversary this year and are much better than you have truthfully described.

I will be sure to mark your account so that you do not receive the Scripture messages on your paperwork should you choose to give us another chance to serve you.

I want to thank you for your honesty. We will use it to improve because that is what all of our customers deserve.

Once again, I am truly sorry for the unfortunate experience you had with McNichols.


Scott McNichols

McNichols- a class act!

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