Monday, August 25, 2014

Knocked-Off! (and pissed-off as well!)

It's clear to me- that there are many, many folks - 
especially Interior Designers & Decorators- that do not respect Intellectual Property Rights.

Why is that? 

If as Designers- we are required to solve problems, and are paid for our creative problem- solving skills (and their execution- for an "idea" is meaningless- unless it's implemented, right?) do other Designers feel it's acceptable to STEAL someone else's ideas?
Cheating- yes....but more akin to STEALING, I'd say!

Knock-Offs - whether they are a Hermes Handbag- a Prada Purse or a Randall Kramer designed Interior Element- are amongst the lowest form of THEFT.

That's right- theft.

Know what they do in some countries when you are caught "thieving" ?
They'll chop off your hand.

OK- I'm not callin' for Sharia Law- in fact- I personally abhor that system of "Justice",
and find it Medieval and archaic at best.
But - I do know- that I am hired to create and execute ideas- and when someone else-
helps them-self- to MY ideas-and calls them his/her own- 
that's no different, than
Reaching-into-my-pocket-&-stealing-my-stash-o'-CA$H !!

When I was commissioned by Tracy Hickman to design these shelving brackets- all I was told was that I should make em out of Steel- and they should look "like-this" (holding her fingers apart to show the steel bars width) and I designed and drew several unique solutions- all of them different and striking- yet- this is the design that Tracy and her client selected for this home in Hinsdale.

There are ALWAYS- lots of design-solutions.

And- that is why I am always bothered- that a "designer" can be so unoriginal- that they COPY another persons Design(s)- and think- that it's OK?! Don't even call yourself a "designer" then- if that's the case- just call yourself an "assimilator" or a "idea-stealer-like-Pinterest", rather than a Professional Designer (or Decorator).

Please don't steal. It's unethical- UnProfessional - and if caught doing it in ISIS-controlled Syria / Iraq - you may find your "reach"...........shortened slightly !

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